We’re only young once

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“So scared of growing old/ I’m only good at being young.”
-John Mayer

Candy bar wrappers and Mountain Dew cans
and packs of cigarettes we’d sneak down
a Carolina back road. The days of our youth.
You’re only seventeen once.

The radio played I remember running through
the wet grass, falling a step behind.

For us, it was a dirt road, twenty miles
per hour, skipping class because
consequences skipped us.

In the winter we made promises we knew
we’d break in the summer, just like the
hearts of shy girls we pushed into the pool.
You’re only eighteen once.

A 90’s pop-rock song taught me about death and moving on

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The first time death blew its cold, violent wind through my forest I was 12. I soaked it in visually as my grandmother’s already small body withered into an unrecognizable mess of blankets and tubes hooked to beeping machines in a cold room. Her mind was gone for months, if not years, and now the smallness of her would be swallowed up along with the faded memories of her days teaching, playing piano, and wearing pretend Sunday smiles for church as a pastor’s wife.

No moment in life is more sobering than when you know with full certainty you are…

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All of my fictional stories in one place…

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Articles on business, sales, marketing, etc.

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Writings on family, marriage, mental health, and other…

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Essays on music, books, and other stuff

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Writings on God, faith, and the church

The song that made Boyz II Men stars lives on 30 years later

Photo by Jacek Jan Skorupski from Pexels

It’s summertime in the year 1992. You can’t get this new song out of your head. It’s been playing on all the top 40 stations in town. It’s slowly becoming the hit of the summer, but it’s bigger than that. The song hits every emotional heartstring of your soul. And because you can’t seem to get past your feelings for an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, you need this song to help you cope. You go as quickly as you can to your nearest record store. You’re determined to get your hands on the single. Your Walkman desperately needs this. You search the “Sizzlin’…

Eddie Becker

The first poem I ever wrote was in 7th grade. It was about toucans. It was called “Toucans Two”. It’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

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